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Services Included with Every Account

Our services are extensive and can be customized to the level of service needed; the basic servicing includes the following:


Additional Services Available and Fees for those Services

Our additional services are extensive and can be customized to the level of service needed, including handling insurance tracking, tax tracking, loan modifications, loan extensions, defaulted loan processing and foreclosure management.

Service RequestedFee
Monthly Servicing Fee$20/monthly
Credit Card Payment by phone4% of total payment amount or $20 minimum fee whichever is greater and $20 processing fee
NSF Fee$50/occurrence
Payoff Quote or updates$50/request
RUSH Payoff Quote (24 HRS)$75/request
Verification of Mortgage$35
Loan Extension Processing Fee$275 for 1-5 months + $20 / month for servicing fee
$500 for 6-12 months + $20 / month for servicing fee
Wire Fee (incoming and outgoing)$30
Stop Payment Fee$50
Certified Demand Letter$40
Force Place Insurance Processing Fee$100/property
Escrow/Construction Holdback Fee$150
Draw Processing Fee$33 per draw requested
ACH Change Fee$20
Research Request Fee$50/hr
Paper Check Processing Fee$20
Maturity FeeProvided on Promissory note (10% principal bal)
Addtl copies of account statements and pay history$5
Payoff Statement within 30 days of the quote (not including errors)$25
Reconveyance$75 plus recording fee (varied by jurisdiction)
Inspection report$95
ACH Phone Payment$20
Force placed Inspections$100
Partial Reconveyance$200 plus recording fee (varied by jurisdiction)
Service RequestedFee
Loan Setup w/o Reserves$100/loan
Loan Setup w/ Reserves$150/loan
Monthly Servicing Fee$35/month and $5 for each addtl lender max $65
Transfer Out Fee for Active Serviced Loans$75/loan
Assignment Prep and Recording$75 plus recording fee (varied by jurisdiction)
Deed in lieu of Foreclosure$250
Foreclosure Management$750
REO Management$500
Check Disbursement$2 per paper check
Research Request$30 per request
Document Holding Fee$100/year per file
ACH change$10 per change
Escrow/Construction Holdback Fee$150
Inspection Report$95
Addtl copies of 1098$10
Specialty Servicing – Non-Performing$40/month
Tax Tracking$72/year
1098 Additional Copies$10 per copy
Service RequestedFee
Overnight Delivery Fee: $40
Verification of Mortgage:$25
Wire Fee:$20
Stop Payment Fee: $50 (includes payment reissue fee)
Credit Card Processing Fee:4% of total payment or $20 minimum
Please note these fees may be subject to change from time to time with or without notice.
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