Specialists in Private Money Loan Servicing for Lenders and Institutions

Who We Are
We are a comprehensive real estate loan servicing company for investors holding real estate notes.

Who We Serve

Borrowers: We’re here to service and monitor your loan account in many different ways. We process loan payments, reinstate calculations, handle note modifications, principal paydowns, payoff quotes, and your payoff payments

Lenders: We provide assistance with note modifications, insurance tracking, foreclosures and REOs. We also provide easy access to monitoring, monthly reporting, and no hassle, automatic deposits.

Property Tax Tracking Services

We make every effort to protect you and your investments and are constantly researching new ways to keep your borrower paying and your profits growing. To that end, we have engaged a third-party firm to research and monitor property tax information on any notes we service on your behalf and then report any delinquencies to your borrower and to us — Lake City Servicing (LCS). We then notify you of any tax delinquencies that occur on any of your properties covered by this service.

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Call Us For Your Loan Serving Needs

Our service specialists have a comprehensive understanding of structured real estate transactions including interest only, negative and fully amortized notes, and fixed rate or ARM loans.

Interest is calculated on 360 or 365 day basis or Actual Days calculation with regular interest reporting.

Our services are designed to maintain the integrity of the borrower/buyer to seller/lender relationship.

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