Meet Lea! Find out how she and her team help to assure a loan is profitable and successful. 

Hi There! My Name is Lea Allen. Welcome to Cogo Nation!

We've been in the education space for over 20 years, and the lending space over 15 years. With thousands of real estate transactions under our belt, we have found that a strong servicing arm is instrumental in a successful real estate investment.

Servicing is the real powerhouse behind the scenes, making sure a loan is firing on all cylinders. From keeping the borrower on track and on budget to making sure the lender receives timely payments, we support the entire rehab process on all sides. 

Lake City Servicing offers a complete relationship for investors and bor­rowers. We provide a range of services designed to accommodate the lender's involvement with the borrower. Our mission is to pro­vide value and protection to individual borrowers and portfolio lenders through the servicing and collection of private money loans.

For Borrowers: We help get your loan set up on auto pay, so you can be laser-focused on your rehab and exit strategy. Our construction specialist also helps manage your draws and makes sure you're on track, on budget, and on time with your project.

For Lenders: You're a savvy investor and you've diversified your wealth to include trust deed and/or fund investments. It's now our turn to take over and make sure your investment pays on time, every time!

What Do You Do Now?

To get to this level, as a borrower or lender, you need to get started and the best place to do this is at one of our Funding Tours.

Our most successful 6-7 figure clients begin their income-generating journey at a Funding Tour. And now we're paying for you to begin at an upcoming Funding Tour today too!

Our goal, after spending time with us, is for you to find the kind of equity-rich deals that we can fund and that will make you a profit. We'll teach you how to duplicate this process over and over again until you reach incredible levels of financial freedom!

But the 1st STEP is to register and attend one of our Funding Tours!

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